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Cincinnati OHIO Belly Dance Classes 

Monday Belly Dance Classes 
Location is at
Anaya Belly Dance Studios 
7028 Plainfield Road  Cincinnati, OH 45236

Learn a Beginner Belly Dance  Choreography Class

Mondays 6:30  to 8pm 

Anaya Studio in Cincinnati OH


Learn a gentle and soft way to move your body in a supportive atmosphere while also learning about the cultures and music of the Middle East. 


Everyone is welcome in this beginner class where you will learn the fundamentals like shimmies, strong hip movements, and isolations to upbeat music that will make you forget that you’re breaking a sweat and getting stronger.


You don’t need dance experience to take this class; just an open heart and willingness to learn!

1 hour of a beginner belly dance class

30 mins of learning a beginner belly dance choreography

 5 week Summer Session June 19th  - July 17th 


1.5  Hours Class with video homework  ( online study videos ) 

Only 10 spots will be sold!



Belly Dance Technique Class w Veil Focus    

June 19  - July 17th  
Mondays 8-9 PM 
Anaya Studio Cincinnati OH

For dancers with at least 2 years of experience in raqs sharqi or fusion.

5 week summer session we will have a veil work focus. Bring your veil to class. 

Strengthen your shimmies, footwork, arm paths, undulations, and hip articulations in this fast paced, continuously moving class. You will build endurance in the dance by moving for the whole hour. 
Some combos will be taught to enhance our strength and fluidity in our dance. 
We will touch on musicality and rhythms. 

$20 drop in 

$90 for all 5 classes 
June 19 - July 17th


Die Hard Class   Take 2 classes your choice on Mondays Summer Sessions 


You choose:

Beginners Belly Dance Choreography Class + Belly Dance Technique w Veil Focus 

6:30  - 9 pm 

If you want more from your dance, you have to put in the time. 

My Die Hard dancer class is two hours of back-to-back classes. 

Take one class and save on the second one

Die Hard Dancer Class saves you half off the second class when you take classes back to back.  

This is for the enthusiastic beginner who can’t get enough bellydance. 

Sometimes you just want to dance for more than an hour. Stay for another class of more advanced technique and challenge yourself. 

Push yourself beyond beginner movements to find your potential as a dancer. 



DIE Hard  5 week summer session both classes with video homework 

June 19  - July 17th  



You can pay cash, Pay Pal or Venmo for the classes 

my venmo is @emilymariearts

Please leave message on what class you are purchasing 

If you are paying Venmo. 

You may use the Pay Pal Button to Pay Pal

*All payments are non-refundable*

If you miss a class you can make it up with other weekly classes taught by Emily Marie 

This has to be confirmed with Emily Marie

Summer Break 

No Monday classes June 5th and June 12th

Monday Classes will start up on June 19 to July 17th


No upcoming events at the moment
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