Sacred Shimmy

 Hip Art Collective


You know we have great teachers local so just bringing some of them to your attention :) :)

This year we are gonna bring you
The Hip Art Collective Athena Howe and Lisa Khalisah Cribbs and Sacred Shimmy Studio Angie Never and Zach Beery
All of them are coming from Columbus, Ohio to Leapin Lizard Lounge to teach and join the fun!

10am to 12am
Snap , crackle, pop!
Not just a breakfast cereal, these are some of the sounds the drum can make.

When working with a drum solo, live or recorded, finding and reacting to the accents is what makes a drum solo

so much fun to watch and perform.
In this workshop, Sacred Shimmy musicians and Hip Art Collective dancers will show you some of the basic drum solo patterns,

zill accents and some wild combinations you can add to your next drum solo. If this is your first drum solo or you 50th there is going to be something new for you to bring to your dance practice.

LUNCH 12:30 TO 1PM
Recommend you bring you own :) 30 min break

1pm to 3pm

Golden Era Grooves
Golden era music has some of the most popular songs for belly dancers and musicians to perform.

But since they are so popular, they can be intimidating.

Join Sacred Shimmy and the Hip Art Collective for a unique chance to tackle these songs.

In this workshop you will get the musician and dancer perspective.
We will break down the structure and rhythms to some poplar golden era songs,

show some combinations you can use and even some finger cymbal patterns!

These skills can be applied to dancing to live music and choreography to these classic songs.

The next time you encounter a golden era classic you’ll be prepared for an amazing show!

$40 for single workshop
Take both for $70
Cash Credit or Check

You can pay at the door, but recommend you purchase before.
We should have enough room. But you never know!




























10am to 12am - Snap , crackle, pop Workshop - $40 + $2 pay pal fees = $42 

1- 3pm Golden Era Grooves $40 + $2 pay pal fees = $42

Take both classes for $70 + $3 pay pal fees = $73