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House of Tao

521 Madison Ave Suite D,
Covington, KY 41011

Studio is located right above
Kung Food Amer- Asia



10 am - 11:30 am
Liah Mazz
Raqs Sharqi Technique Class Lines, Connections, Possibilities and Creativity in your Dance.

Using basic steps of belly dance as a base learn how to increase your power, control and intention of execution.

This workshop will help you to find yourself. And identify your style to help you to feel each song using your body as an instrument.


11:30 - 12 pm
LUNCH Break recommended
you bring you own lunch
we will only have 30 mins.

12- 1:30 pm
The Traveling Veil

Veil Technique with Traveling Combos

This workshop will give you an opportunity to understand a better way
to move the veil while you travel.
Don't get stuck in one spot while you work the veil.
Also we will focus on musicality in your dance and help you to improve your abilities to dance with the veil


Limited spaces in this workshops 

Cost for Workshops 

Single class is

Both Classes are

Venmo and Pay pal accepted.

You can pay cash
but you must connect with me to join and put on the list if paying cash.

email at


You better sign up early she is amazing we will fill up.

I will have a waiver for you to sign at the beginning of class so come early to sign and class will start on time!

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Both Workshops with Liah Mazz $75 

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10 am Liah Mazz Tech 

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12:30 pm Liah Mazz Veil Technique Class 

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