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Never had a belly dancer at your event?

Belly Dance is a fantastic entertainment for your next, Anniversary Party, Bachelorette Party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party, Birthday Party, Bridal Shower, Christmas Party, Corporate Event, Festival, Fundraiser, Grand Opening, Private Party, Restaurant, Wedding Ceremony, and Wedding Reception. It is a great way to get the crowd up and dancing and mesmerize them to remember your party forever.

***Emily Marie does not perform at all Male parties. ***

Here are some things to expect......


What you need:

You will need a sound system. Emily Marie provides the music on either an USB, iPod or a CD. If you want certain music or a style please talk with her so she can put a playlist together for your certain needs. Otherwise Emily dances uses Arabic music. Emily Marie can also perform with live music too. Contact for more details.

Certain performances include props so some space will be needed. Like a sword for her sword balancing dance, isis wings  or raqs assaya (cane dance). But she has performed in tight spaces before such as restaurants but may limit the props that can be used.


Some other things to keep in mind about having a belly dancer at your event:


It is best for Emily Marie to talk with a contact person someone other than the bride or guest of honor this is their event let them enjoy it. This person needs to be available at the event when she arrives at the location.

If it is a surprise, Emily will call before making sure where to enter from so the surprise is not ruined. Emily Marie will give the music to this person and they will organize it at the time it needs to be played, also this person will help her with props laying them out around the stage or space so she can have access to them.


Also tipping the belly dancer is perfectly fine and greatly appreciated.


Most people give the tip at the end with the payment. Body tipping allowed but only if it is done respectfully. Most people tip in the hip belt or by creating a money shower above the dancer's head.  Emily Marie dose not pick up money on the floor while or after she is dancing, this is done for the respect of the dance. If money is on the floor the contact person will help collect the money and give it do her after she is done dancing.

Full Show

This is the most requested dance show. Great for weddings and large parties.

It is a 25 to 30 min show. About 6 songs. Includes at grand entrance with veil and zills/saggat ( finger cymbals), drum solos, sword balancing dance, and getting the guest of honor and the crowd up to dance. Family friendly for all ages. Conservative costuming can be arranged by covering the belly for certain events. 



Bachelorette Party and Princess Party

Want to have a party and learn how to belly dance at the same time? This type of set, involves a small performance about 5 to 10 minutes from Emily Marie followed by a 45 minute lesson in full costume or in teaching attire. Bring out your own inner belly dancer! While Emily Marie shows you how to dance with you and your friends. For adults or kids. Family friendly and a lot of fun!



Belly Dance for your Restaurant, Hookah Lounge, or Club

Entertain your guest with belly dancing at your venue. Emily Marie is available to dance at your restaurant or lounge

on a regular basis, for openings, holidays and events throughout the year. Belly dance is a great way to draw a crowd to your restaurant and offer unique entertainment. Great for Middle Eastern, Greek, Persian, Indian or any style of restaurant. Contact Emily to find out more.

Contact Emily Marie about prices for each event

Prices may vary depending on travel time to the location.

How long you want the performance to be.

How many times you want her to dance.

How many costume changes you want during one show.

There is a lot that goes into the show so talking with you is the best way to understand your needs.

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