Winner of the Professional Division at the Cincinnati Belly Dance Convention 2012



 is a Professional dancer who focus is in Raqs Sharqi/ Egyptian dance forms. She is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and has performed and lived in Vancouver, Canada and in Eilat, Israel. Now she is currently back in Cincinnati Ohio now performing and teaching. 


    It all began when she took her first belly dance class in 2001 at Habeeba's Dance of the Arts Cincinnati . After that she was hooked and she became passionate about learning the art of belly dance. Moving on Emily Marie joined the performing troupe Anaya Gypsy Dance. Witch was directed by Katy Moeggenberg a dear friend and one of her first teachers. There she grew as a dancer and a performer. Emily also taught classes at Anaya Gypsy Dance Studio until 2006.  You could also find her teaching belly dance classes at Gratitude in Motions Studio in Cincinnati. Emily Marie was a popular performer in the area from private parties, weddings to festivals.  In 2003 to 2006 she was one of the weekly favorite belly dancers at Andy's Meditterean Grille. This up beat Lebanese restaurant that held many memories for Emily Marie and her dance.


   In 2008 Emily Marie made a change and moved Vancouver, Canada. She expanded her knowledge of the dance and studied with wonderful teachers there such as Sarita of Vancouver, and Rahma Haddad.  These teachers helped her developed her love for Egyptian belly dance or know as Raq Sharki. Soon Emily Marie was performing in restaurants and events in the lower mainland Vancouver area. You could see her on most weekends at Hakhamanesh Restaurant  in North Vancouver. Also she danced at Diwan Restaurant a Lebanese restaurant, Hafez Tea House a hookah lounge, Paros Taverna a Greek restaurant as well others. She performed at many weddings and private gigs for many Persian, Greek, Arabic and Indian audiences.


   In 2011 Emily Marie also dance with Ishtar Dance Theater and performed in their show Folkloric Expressions in Vancouver, Canada. Under the direction of Mohammed Al Ratta who danced and toured with Caracalla Dance Company, she learned folkloric/debke style dances and preformed many of the choreographies he put together in the show.


   Also in 2011 to 2013, Emily Marie joined Dounia Dance Collective , a performing belly dancing  troupe in Vancouver, Canada.  Dounia Dance Collective is a collective group of dancers working together building choreographies for many dances ranging from Raqs Sharki/ Egyptian style, Persain Bandari, Persian Bojnordi (a Persian Stick Dance), folkloric debke, tribal fusion. They are still actively performing in Vancouver, BC.  


   Emily Marie was also the winner in 2012 of the Cincinnati Belly Dance Convention Professional Division, in her hometown.  Click here to see her performance, Cincinnati Belly Dance 2012 Winner.


   Emily Marie has traveled the USA, Canada and Israel to to study with some of the best dance teachers.  

Emily Marie's has studied with one of her favorite dancers and teacher 's Amanda Rose . She she is an active student with Amanda Rose with via private skype lessons and online intensives with her.


   In 2013, Emily Marie moved to Eilat, Israel. Still keeping her passion for the dance she performed in 2013 for the Oriental Peal Festival held in Akko, Israel. She also danced in the Habib Ya Eni festival in Israel as well in Oct. 2013. Emily Marie performed once a week at Park Avenue Beach along the Red Sea during their oriental nights, and other parties in Eilat.


   Now Emily Marie is back in the USA. She came back the end of 2013. And can be seen in her hometown Cincinnati Ohio.

She has taught at the Cincinnati Belly Dance Convention in August in 2014. She teaches belly dance at the Breathing Room from beginner to advanced levels. Her classes are ongoing every week. 

She is also able to do private instruction.

Contact her for more info. 

She is the director of her Perfoming troupe "Al Elham". This is a Raqs Sharki/Belly Dance troupe in located in the Cincinnati area. They are available for you next event or show if you are looking for more than one belly dancer. Contact Emily Marie for more info.