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Have you ever wanted to learn to Belly Dance?

Monday Night Classes 

6 to 7pm Beginner Belly Dance


This is a beginner class. No experience is required. Bring your hips and an open heart, ready to learn.

We will learn the basics of Raqs Sharqi or known at Belly Dance. 

We start from the beginning with

hip work, undulations, footwork, arm paths, learning Arabic rhythm, ect. 

You do not need to show you belly, wear any workout clothes that allow you to move. 

You bring a hip scarf to tie around your hips. 

No shoes, or soft sole slippers, socks, or bare feet. 


7 to 8pm  Belly Dance Technique

This is not a beginner class. But open to beginners who want a little more.

some dance experience will help in taking this class.

This class we work with drills and a small combination is taught at the end. 

We work shimmies, foot work, hip technique, layering movements, musicality to Arabic music, and working with rhythms and certain styles to enhance our knowledge of dance.  

Many dancers take this class with the Choreography Class or beginners class to get two hours of training!


  8 to 9pm   Advanced Choreography Class

This class is not a beginner class. You must be able to learn choreography in this class.

You don't have to be perfect, that is why you come to class to learn. 

We start with a small warm up and go into learning a choreography. 

These choreographies are performed. Taking this class you have the option to perform

if you are able to dance the Choreography and want to perform. No pressure to perform. 

This choreographies are for my performing group Al Elham. 

Being in the performing group we take the dance to the stage and the next level. 



 $60 a month one class per month

           $90 a month for two classes a monty 

     venmo, pay pal, credit cash

Location is at Anaya Belly Dance

7028 Plainfield Road, Cincinnati ohio 45236

Private lessons are an option 

contact for more information

can be done zoom or in person. 

Please fill out waiver below 

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