Learn the Art of 

Belly Dancing


Emily Marie



Emily Marie offers classes where you can learn the basics and beyond of belly dance.

Learn technique to strengthen your dancing as well as letting your owninner style develope and bloom.

Don't be shy.

Beginners are welcome to come and learn.

What to wear for Belly Dance?

Comfortable clothing that you can move freely in, you can bring ballet slippers, or a flat dance shoe. Bare feet are also accepted as well.

A hip scarf or coin belt should be brought to class just something that you can tie around your hips.

Monday Classes 

Online Zoom live and recorded 

7pm to 8pm

Belly Dance Technique Class

We focus on technique in Raqs Sharqi / Belly Dance.

This is not a Choreography class we focus on drills and strength training. 

Beginners are welcome but it is a step up from beginner level. 

Payment and fees

Drop in class for any class       $12 

One class a week monthly      $40

Payment is pay pal or venmo

Contact me for more info

Only Private lessons available at the moment.

*Private Lessons*

Emily Marie offers private lesson, once a month, every week,

or once in a while to work on certain topics. 

These lessons can be taught one on one, or with more dancers. 

Contact Emily Marie for more info 

*Discount given to students who are already taking regular classes.



Have you ever wanted to learn to Belly Dance?